Grow Your Business and Customer Base

Customer Acquisition, Retention, Metrics, and Real-time Monitoring


Unified User Profile

Build unified user profile of each user. Including user behaviors, activities. Know well your customers and your business.

Users Segmentation and Personalization

Segment your user base with attributes and activities, even custom defined tags. Target groups of users, deliver customized messages and experience.

Data Driven Automation

Define automation rules based on user profile data, segmentation, trigger events and automatic actions. Personalize the user experience at individual user level.

Real-time Insights and Analytics

View the Real-time charts including all important user generated events, user activities. Check what is going on about your business.

Integration on one platform

Use user data and business rules to drive better user experience. Integrate with your Email, SMS, Website, Mobile Apps, Social Networks, Short-Link, Forms, Landing pages, 3rd-party service providers, Programming API etc. Support retrieving your data via API.

Cloud based Performance and Uptime

Running in the cloud, our scalable architecture is designed to maximize performance and uptime. Designed for scale.