Email List Collection and Growth

Capture Email and convert audience to customers


List building is the key to a regal online presence. Your audiences are your potential customers. Establish the connection with your users with Email, then you can convert the users to be your customers.


Customizable Form

You can change the words on the button, on the input placeholder. You can change the words on the button, on the input placeholder. Or you can override the style with the custom css.

Build and Grow Customers Database

The system will automatically save the email in your unified customer database with rich context information such as country, city, web page URL, time.

Offer content upgrade when user signup

You can send the users with upgrade content, welcome message immediately, or delay for minutes. And also you can send regularly or schedule Email, keep delivering value to users and enhance relationships, establish authority.

Notify yourself and follow up

You can enable the system will send a notification Email to you mailbox when new users signup asap. Then follow up immediately.

Convert analysis

The system will measure the display times and email submit times. You can see where, when and why users signup and not signup.

Integrated in the platform

This form is integrated with other component of the SmartTrace platform: customer database, rules based automation, user life-cycle activity, data analysis.

Easy and simple

It is very easy to deploy, just copy the code and put on any web pages, in WordPress, or share it on social media. It is designed for writers, bloggers, B2B marketers.