Unified user profile management

Build unified customer database, segment and analysis


List building is the key to a regal online presence. Your audiences are your potential customers. Establish the connection with your users with Email, then you can convert the users to be your customers.

Unified Customers Database

The unified customer database includes rich context information such as country, city, web page URL, time; and all the activity, events generated by each user.

User segmentation

Segment users with groups enable you to gain deep insight of the user intent, user behaviors, user pains. Segmentation is the scalable way to manage users.

User activity logs

The system collects user activity logs cross channels and cross platforms. You can see what happened of every user. Drill down to the specific user. Make better decisions based on not only statistics but also details.

Batching actions delivery

Create a schedule or immediately actions to user segments based on rules: Show personalised message on web pages, send an email or mobile pushing messages.

Monitoring and analysis

The system enables you to view the historical and real-time charts, statistics, activities. The gain or loss of every change made to user segments.

Ready to use API

You can get valuable API once build up the rich customer database. The system helps you generate more and more value for users based on the data. Integrate with your own website, CRM or other systems.

Integrated into the platform

Integrated with other components of the SmartTrace platform: URL shortener, rules-based automation, data analysis, segmentation, user life-cycle journey management and more.