URL Shortener (Go)

Click Tracking, Conversion Metrics and Links Management

Decision-making Charts, Metrics and Reports

Use the url shortener to create unified short links and build the measurement-oriented culture. Track the activity of your audience and to see what is going on. Tracking the click-through rates and where they are clicking from. On average, Data Driven Decision Making is 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than your competitors.,

Referrers Analysis and Funnel Analysis

See where the majority of people are coming from and how many reach your pages will continue to get through the marketing channels. Check the conversion rate and Return on Invest of each channel, each link, each advert.

Real-Time Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

Learn what and how people engage in your services and pages: most popular marketing channels, most popular regions, links without a click, etc.

SEO Optimized Short Links

Take full control of the External SEO links. Post short links to Social networks or other websites. You can update the target URL at anytime.

Live Redirects Updating

You can change where traffic is being directed quickly and easily.

No-hassle Brand Building

Using branded domain short urls and embed the brands in the shorten links sharing. Increase followers number on the social network or drive more traffic to your website.

Device Aware Routing

Route your audience to the right place such as Mobile Application install page, Desktop marketing page, Mobile web page, Even deep links in your mobile application based on their device type.

Context Aware Routing

Route your audience to the right place based on their country, time, device, refer domain and other context information.

QR code is also supported.

Retargeting Links

Link retargeting allows you to "mark" visitors as they pass through your short links. Retargeting allows you to segment the audience and identify high-value visitors. Show upsell information, promote code to selected users.

Cloud based Performance and Uptime

Running in the cloud, our scalable architecture is designed to maximize performance and uptime.