SmartTrace Short link tool designed for Social Media Marketing

Transfon Team

2 min read

Insight and deep understand the ROI of social media.

Social Media short URL

It is not easy to measure the ROI for social media without short links, if mix the social media traffic with other traffic.

Short links shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr. Not only building inbounding links but also driving real people to your website or your lead pages.

But why it is more difficult than the other marketing method or channels? Because you have to understand which is the right time range, which is the right context, which is the right voice. If done right, the ROI will be much better than other marketing channels. SmartTrace metric tool help you insight and better understand how your customers consume the content your post on social networks.

You can see when the users click your links, why your users click your links, where they are coming from, The devices users using, and the other context information. You can also compare which social network platform works better than others.

Do not just keep building your audience, but also deep understand how to convert them to your customer is more important. SmartTrace is built for this reason.