100% SEO compliance short links tool

Transfon Team

2 min read

Short links created by SmartTrace will pass 100% refer SEO rank power to your target pages.

How this works

According to Google’s SEO expert, Matt Cutts:

Using URL shorteners has absolutely no negative impact on SEO provided the URL Shorteners in question is functioning properly and treats the conversion as a 301 redirect.

SmartTrace Short Link uses 301, "Moved Permanently" to redirect the target pages. Not only sending users to your target pages but also search engine spiders. SmartTrace is 100% SEO compliance short link tool.

No duplication

One common problem of the other short link convert tools is that duplicate links of your content shown on the Search engine, but this will not happen if you use SmartTrace Short Link.

Social short URL

This also means you can post your short links on social networks, 3rd party websites, marketing articles and update the target page URL if you restructure your website. The SEO ranking juice will not leak by using SmartTrace short link tool.

When you updating the site structure or change the URL of landing pages, you can simply update the target URL at Take full control of the external links for SEO.