Personalized Content Management

Content management system for building personalized experience for customers


Use content queue and tag based data managment system to manage your marketing content, message, Email etc. Build and manage Marketing landing page, Content block, social content, email templates and deliver personalized experience for customers.

Template based Landing Pages

Create messages, website block and landing pages with best practice templates. Build a high converting Landing Page in minutes by answering several questions.

Website Beacon

Integrate your website with SmartTrace website JS SDK to collect user data when your access your website.

Build Personalization into content

Customer personas are built by using a multitude of data. Integrate user location, time, behavioral data into content. Better understand your visitors and develop a more personalized experience for customers.

Queue and Tags Based Content curation Pipeline

Aggregate content into content Queue with data API, bookmarklet, social signals, 3rd party content provider or based on user visit activity data. Curate Manually or with Rules. Publishing content based on tags to Social network, website, Emails etc.

Content Performance measurement

Measure the user engagement time and convert rate of content, enable better content optimisation and monetisation.