Cross-Device and Omnichannel Beacons

Interact with your users on mobile, desktop, social media, in one place


SmartTrace use Omnichannel Beacons collecting user data and build unified activity logs to help you better understand your users and deliver better services.

Mobile Beacon

Integrate your mobile app with SmartTrace mobile SDK to collect user data when user engage on mobile devices.

Website Beacon

Integrate your website with SmartTrace website JS SDK to collect user data when your access your website.

Physical store BeaconONLY FOR ENTERPRISE

Deploy beacons into your physical store to collect user data and manage physical store user activities.

Social and Email Beacon

SmartTrace integrate with your social accounts to deliver unified user experience.

Real-time Monitoring

View the real-time user activities and better understand your business and improve the performance. View the performance of every aspect of your business.

Event Data Management

Based unified user profile and activity logs data, drive rules based automation engine, get ready to use valuable API.