Rules based Automation

Build automation rules for Marketing, Communication, and Customer retention etc


Automatic manage your Live chat, Email, Slack, On page widgets, On page Blocks, Mobile app push message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram communicate channels.

Marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%. Automation is the essential process to handle scalable customers and keep consistent excellent customer experience.

Email Automation

Send an onboarding series Emails to engage new users. Follow up with customers after a purchase or abandoned basket. Trigger personalized Emails based on user behavior. Send Bulk Emails to User segments.

Inbound Marketing Automation

Connect Automation engine with your marketing channels and convert users to be customers with series Rules.

Scheduler Trigger

Trigger Automation Rules based on Holidays, Daily Time or other marketing plans to deliver actions.

Rules Based Real-Time Trigger

Trigger Automation Rules based on User profile, User segment, and User behaviors.

Monitoring and Optimize

The system enables you to view the historical and real-time performance. All automation actions happen transparently. Continually finetune the automation rules and improve your business tunnel.

Customer Communication Automation

Deliver personalized user experience based on user segment and user behaviors. Communicate with the users at the right time with right voice. Drive engagement across the entire user lifecycle.

Integrated into the platform

Integrated with other components of the SmartTrace platform: Growth Form, Data analysis, Segmentation, User life-cycle journey management, Unified User Profile, Integrations. Turbocharge your marketing, customer support infrastructure with Strace Automation Engine.